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Italian Cypress Tree Seeds (Cupressus sempervirens) 25+Seeds

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Cupressus sempervirens , the Mediterranean Cypress (also known as Italian, Tuscan, or Graveyard Cypress, or Pencil Pine) is a species of cypress native to the eastern Mediterranean region , in northeast Libya , southeast Greece ( Crete , Rhodes ), southern Turkey , Cyprus , Northern Egypt , western Syria , Lebanon , Israel , Malta, Italy , western Jordan , and also a disjunct population in Iran.
An essential oil is distilled from the shoots. It is used in perfumery and soap making. The leaves contain about 2% essential oil whilst the wood contains about 2.5%. An infusion of the wood is used in footbaths to combat perspiration of the feet. Wood - fragrant, very hard and durable. A popular wood for building uses, cabinet making and wardrobes, especially since it retains its fragrance, repels moths and is impervious to woodworm.

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