Dahlia Mignon Red Flower Seeds (Dahlia Variabilis) 30+ Seeds

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Dahlia (Dahlia Variabilis Mignon Red) - Dahlia Variabilis can be grown for the garden border, potted plants or background plants. There are hundreds of varieties of Dahlias in existence, but we choose to carry the most popular varieties which can be grown from Dahlia flower seeds. The majority of Dahlias are hybrid versions. Dahlias can range in height from 12 inches to 6 feet. This red Dahlia Mignon only reaches 18 - 20 inches in height so it has versatile uses. Dahlia plants are indigenous to Mexico and Guatemala. The Aztecs utilized the Dahlia for medicinal purposes. Once Dahlias made their way to Europe in the 1900s, they became a highly hybridized plant.
  • Season: Annual
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 10
  • Height: 18 - 20 inches
  • Bloom Season: Summer and fall
  • Bloom Color: Red
  • Environment: Full sun

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