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Agave Thorn Crested Succulent Seeds (Agave lophantha) 20+Seeds Zones 7-10

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Agave lophantha (syn: Agave univittata) is a stemless, usually suckering agave that forms dense clumps to 60 cm tall by 1.5 m wide composed of very regular leaf rosettes of a light green to yellow-green, with or without pale mid-stripe. Leaves wide at the base, long tapering grey-green, slightly hollow on the upper side with or without pale mid-stripe, marginal spines stout, curved downwards, terminal spine very sharp, 25 mm long. It is extremely variable and has many varieties and forms.
Stem: Very short sometimes visible on old plants.
Rosettes. Small, loose, about 30-leaved, 30-60 cm tall, 50–100 cm wide, solitary or usually forming offsets.
Leaves: Numerous, linear to lanceolate, stiff, mostly erect, without noticeable bud-prints, rather thin, pliant, somewhat thickened towards the base and rounded below, plane to concave above, back convex and with darker lines, generally 30-70 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, light green to yellow-green, with or without pale mid-stripe. Margins horny, undulate to crenate, without threads, not easily detached, conspicuously armed. Marginal teeth single or occasionally double, triangular, straight or mildly curved, slender, mostly 4-8 mm, 1-2 cm apart, on broad low prominences. Terminal spine subulate, flattened above at the base, small, 1- 2 cm, ferruginous to grey.

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