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Aloe Mix Succulent Seeds (Aloe species mix) 20+Seeds Zones 9-11

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Aloe species assorted: buhrii, castanea, gariepensis, greenii, perryi, saponaria, striata, wickensii and others.Aloes are a large genus of very diverse plants comprising around 450 species, many of which have been adopted as medicinal plants since ancient times. Most are from Africa, Arabia and Madagascar and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the small grass aloes to those many metres tall. The spiky leaves and the bitter tasting sap prevent animal and insect attack. The leaves are waxy with sunken pores to prevent water loss.Aloes are essentially easy plants to grow. They are summer growers requiring light shade to filtered sun, reddening with more light exposure. Water regularly in summer but keep drier in winter during their dormant period.Aloe Mix Succulent Seeds

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