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American Elm Tree Seeds (Ulmus americana) 30+Seeds Zones 3-9

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American Elm - The glorious elm that used to line American streets; Dirr notes that several forms occur, but the one most of us recall fondly divided into several major trunks topped by spreading, arching, pendulous branches; quick growing and adaptable as to pH, wet soil, and salt; dark green leaves, often a good yellow in fall; unfortunately, susceptible to Dutch elm disease; native to North America east of the Rockies.
The American Elm is a deciduous tree , which, before the advent of Dutch elm disease, commonly grew to > 30 m (100 ft) tall with a trunk > 1.2 m (4 ft) . Bark The crown forms a high, spreading canopy with open air space beneath. The leaves are alternate, 7–20 cm long, with double-serrate margins and an oblique base. The tree is hermaphroditic , having perfect flowers , (i.e. with both male and female parts) and is therefore capable of self-pollination. The flowers are small, purple-brown, and, being wind-pollinated, are apetalous ; they emerge in early spring before the leaves. The fruit is a flat samara 2 cm long and 1.5 cm broad, with a circular wing surrounding the single 4–5 mm seed . Leaves As in the closely related European White Elm , U. laevis , the flowers and seeds are borne on 1–3 cm long stems. American Elm is wholly insensitive to daylight length ( photoperiod ), and will continue to grow well into autumn until injured by frost .The tree reaches sexual maturity at around 150 years of age and is unique within the genus in being tetraploid , i.e. having double the usual number of chromosomes. However, nowadays it is uncommon for the tree to reach over 100 years of age, such is its susceptibility to Dutch elm disease. The American Elm is the state tree of both Massachusetts and North Dakota

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