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Amure Grape Vine Seeds (Vitis amurensis) 20+Seeds Zones 4-8

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The amur grape ( Vitis amurensis ), is a species of grape native to the Asian continent. Its name comes from the Amur Valley in Russia and China . It's very resistant to frost, but is not tolerant to drought. Selections vary, but as a species it has strong resistance to anthracnose and ripe rot, and moderately strong resistance to downy mildew and powdery mildew.
Fruit - raw, cooked or dried for winter use. It can also be made into drinks. The fruit is much esteemed. Small and somewhat harsh in flavour, it is succulent but usually bitter. The fruit is about 16mm long and 10mm wide. Young leaves - cooked. Used as a boiled vegetable. The leaves can also be wrapped around other foods and then baked, they impart a pleasant flavour. Young tendrils - raw or cooked.
Medicinal Uses:
The root is tonic.
Other Uses:
A yellow dye is obtained from the fresh or dried leaves.

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