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Argentine Toothpick Cactus Seeds (Stetsonia Coryne) 20+Seeds Zones 9-11

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Argentine Toothpick Cactus-Stetsonia coryne, the only species of the genus Stetsonia, is a large, massive, tree-like columnar cactus that grows to a height of 3-10 m tall and is one of the most striking features of hot desert regions in Argentina. In outline, the plants resemble somewhat the many-branched Polaskia chichipe and Polaskia chende of Mexico's Valle de Tehuacan, branching quickly and prolifically from a short trunk to present an overall appearance of an inverted triangle set on a post. It is among the most famous cacti for the fiercely spines that cover the trunk and should prove an interesting and eye-catching plant for the specialist collector and for those wanting a somewhat different plant. 

Stem: S. coryne has a very short trunk from which sprout numerous, up to 100 or more up-right and ascending, stout branches that branch again above and form a broad head.
Ribs: 8-9 high, blunt, and more or less scalloped.
Spines: 6-9 of unequal length, the biggest 5-10 cm long, straight, sturdy, and sharp enough to be used as toothpicks, hence the common name. At first white, the spines gradually become black.
Stems: Deeply ribbed, with new growth emerging purplish blue-green and ageing to olive green.
Flowers: Solitary from the upper parts of the branches, large white tinted pink. Perianth tube 12-15 cm long with spreading tepals that form a bloom as wide as the length of the tube. Stamens numerous. The large white flowers open at night bat remain open 'till mid-morning and are thus probably pollinated by bats.

Argentine Toothpick Cactus

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