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Asparagus Fern Seeds (Asparagus Sprengeri) 30+Seeds Zones 9-11

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Asparagus Fern, really a member of the Lily family, has three popular varieties, all easy for any Indoor Gardener to grow in pots or in hanging baskets.
A deceptive plant, the Asparagus Sprengeri looks halfway between a lacy, lightweight fern and the top of an asparagus - hence, its common name.
This easy-to-grow houseplant looks good on tabletops or in hanging planters.
The stems of this evergreen perennial can trail and climb, and they swoop gracefully up and outwards, which is why so many find their homes swinging in baskets from the ceiling.
It responds well to trimming and pruning, so you can keep the tips from getting too long. Use gloves, as it can scratch you with its small, hidden thorns.

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