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Balloon Cactus Seeds (Notocactus Magnificus) 20+Seeds Zones 6-9

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Balloon Cactus Parodia magnifica, still known in cultivation with its old name Eriocactus magnificus, is a bluish-green geometric globular cactus with wool that grows in clusters and produce absolutely brilliant yellow flowers. These cacti develop a slight depression on the crown, which may become distorted with age. Parodia magnifica glistens under a haze of pale yellow spines. Cristate (wavy edged) forms are avalible but these are usually grafted plants.
Similar species: It resembles very well to the Parodia warasii (= Eriocactus warasii).
Habit: Plants at first solitary, forming large clustering mounds in time.
Stems: Globose, becoming short cylindrical with age, blue- green, glaucous, oblique apically. It grows 30 (or more) cm high and 7-15 cm in diameter.
Ribs: 11-15, straight, symmetrical, acute.
Areoles: White at first, later yellowish close together or almost contiguous.
Spines: 12-15 or more, bristle-like, thin, flexible, goldens yellow, 8-20 mm long.
Flowers: Borne several at a time apically, funnel-shaped, sulphur yellow, 4,5-5,5 cm long and in diameter; pericarpels with dense white wool and brownish bristles.

Balloon Cactus

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