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Beavertail Cactus Seeds (Opuntia basilaris) 20+Seeds

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Beavertail Cactus-This is a smaller prickly pear, branching upwards to 30cm (60 cm) high in clumps up to 90cm (1.2 m) in diameter.
Stem: Oval to roundish blue-gray-green, with a blush of purple pigmentation (due to the presence of betacyanins pigments) that vary in function of temperature, glabrous or slightly covered with a velvety pubescence, smooth to wrinkled in dry conditions. New pads stretching from the lower areas of the plant.
Areoles: Numerous with white or brown wool (3 mm of diameter), filled with brownish-reddish clustered bristles 3mm long (glochids).
Glochids: While lacking spines the plant is well protected with copious and effective glochids that fill each areole and easily penetrate the skin.
Spines: Usually spineless, if a few spines are present they are confined to the upper rim of the pad.
Flower: 5cm in diameter and 6cm long; open from spring to early summer. They are intensely rose purple with deep magenta-red filaments and white or pink style, stigma is white.

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