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Bee bee Tree Seeds (Tetradium daniellii) 30+ Seeds

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Bee bee Tree Tetradium daniellii - commonly called tetradium or bee bee tree, is native to Korea and southwestern China. It is a deciduous tree with a rounded, spreading, umbrella-shaped habit. It typically grows to 25-30’ (less frequently to 50’) tall and as wide. Small, fragrant, white (sometimes tinged yellow or pink) flowers bloom in flattened corymbs (to 4-6” wide) in July-August. Flowers are loved by honey bees and bloom in abundance at a time when few other trees are in flower. Flowers give way to reddish-purple seed pods that split open when ripe. Each pod contains two, shiny, buckshot-like, black seeds. Pods remain on the tree from late August to November. Birds are attracted to the seed. Opposite, pinnately compound leaves (to 18” long), each with 7-11 ovate glossy dark green leaflets (2-5” long), retain good color throughout the growing season. Fall color is generally absent, with the leaves typically dropping when green or yellowish-green. Smooth gray bark.

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