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Bells of Ireland Flower Seeds (Moluccela Laevis) 30+Seeds

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Bells of Ireland are distinctive and stately plants, grown for their tall, dark green spires, thickly covered by lighter green, bell-shaped calyces (leaves). This annual plant grows 2-3 feet tall. The leaves are so lush, they all but hide the small white or pink flowers. Flowers bloom once during the season, with a pleasant scent.
Surprise, surprise. Bells of Ireland are not native to Ireland. They are native to Syria, Turkey and the Caucuses. Bells of Ireland plants are a lucky symbols, perhaps linking their name to the luck of the Irish. They are also not related to the Molluca Islands, which their botanical name might otherwise suggest.
The spikes of Bells of Ireland are used fresh or in dried arrangements. They are widely used for St. Patrick's Day arrangements. As a lucky symbol, they are also popular in wedding bouquets and arrangements.
Caution: The stalks have small thorns.
Try these attractive plants in a container on your balcony or deck. They just might bring you luck!
Other Names: Shellflowers, Moducella Balm
Plant Height: 2' - 3'

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