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Black Birch Tree Seeds (Betula lenta) 50+Seeds

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Black Birch Tree
An essential oil is obtained from the bark and twigs, it is distilled in quantity and is an item of commerce. It can be used medicinally, as a food flavouring, as an ingredient in cosmetic shampoos and also to make a wholesome tea. The oil, when decolourized, is similar to 'Oil of Wintergreen' (obtained from Gaultheria procumbens) and is considered to be of superior quality. The tree is coppiced every 5 years and all parts are distilled for the oil. The tree grows up to 3 metres tall in this 5 year period. The greatest yield of oil is obtained if the tree is harvested in the summer. The oil distilled from the wood is insect repellent. The bark contains up to 16% tannin. The thin outer bark is waterproof and has been used as the outer cladding on dwellings, canoes etc. It has also been used to make baskets, dishes, buckets etc. Wood - very strong, close grained, hard, heavy. The wood is richly marked, it weighs 40lb per cubic foot and is exploited commercially for making floors, furniture, tools etc. It makes an excellent fuel.

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