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Black Mulberry Bush Seeds (Morus nigra) 50+Seeds

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Black mulberry ( Morus nigra ) is a species of mulberry . It is native to southwestern Asia , where it has been cultivated for so long that its precise natural range is unknown.Of crooked, wide-spreading habit; berries eaten raw and used in jam and wine; dark red, purple, or black fruit, at 1" the largest of the genus; probably native to Asia.
EDIBILITY: Fruit - raw, cooked or used in preserves. A delicious slightly acid flavour, it makes an excellent dessert fruit and can be eaten in quantity. The fruit is juicy and refreshing, though it must be used as soon as it is ripe (from mid-August to September) otherwise it will start to rot. The fruit falls from the tree as soon as it is fully ripe. It is best, therefore, to grow the tree in short grass to cushion the fall of the fruit but to still make it possible to find and harvest. The fruit can also be dried and ground into a powder. The fruit is up to 25mm in diameter.

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