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Poppy California Orange Flower Seeds (Eschscholzia Californica) 200+Seeds

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California Poppy (Eschscholzia Californica) - The bright orange California Poppy wildflower was named for doctor-naturalist Johann Friedrich Gustav von Eschscholtz who was the surgeon for the Russian expedition team that dropped anchor in San Francisco in 1815 in a bay surrounded by hills covered with the golden flowers. The wild flowers were designated the state flower of California in 1903, and now are protected by state law prohibiting anyone from picking or destroying.

Despite its mild-weather origins, California Poppy seeds will grow quite well in cold climates, but only as an annual. Poppies can be used in beds, borders, and in naturalized settings, but generally they do not do well in containers. The foliage is attractive, finely divided and lacy with a bluish-green color. The Poppy flowers close at night or in cold, windy weather and open again the following morning, although they may remain closed in cloudy weather. The Poppy plants require full sun and good drainage to flourish, so they are particularly well-suited to rock gardens and dry, sandy soils. Because the plants develop a deep taproot they do not transplant well, and therefore the wildflower seed should be seeded directly in the garden where you want them to grow.

  • Season: Annual
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 9
  • Height: 12 - 16 inches
  • Bloom Season: Mid-summer
  • Bloom Color: Orange
  • Environment: Full sun



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