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Date Palm Canary Island Seeds (Phoenix Canariensis) 5-Seeds

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Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix Canariensis) - This date palm tree originated from the Canary Islands; hence the name. It is hardy down to 20 degrees Farenheit and will remain a perennial plant in temperatures warmer than that. If temperatures get 20 degrees or below, the Canary Island Date Palm may die or sustain frost damage that is unattractive. It can be slow to recover from this type of damage. This temperature range is typically indicative of USDA 9A and above to not sustain frost damage to Phoenix Canariensis. The Phoenix Canariensis Canary Island Date Palm is used as a skyline border, roadside landscape, oasis effect, and other landscaping purposes. It grows best in full sun with deep, but infrequent irrigation. Phoenix Canariensis can reach 30 feet tall when directly planted outsided in full sun.

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