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Cape Aloe Succulent Seeds (Aloe ferox) 20+Seeds

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Cape Aloe Aloe ferox is a single stemmed, caulescent, aloe about 2-3 m or taller with the leaves arranged in an apical rosette with dead leaf remains. The leaves can be up to 1 metres long and to 15 cm broad, green, sometimes with reddish tinge and are covered by reddish-to brownish teeth. Young plants tend to be very spiny. Aloe ferox is a very variable species, but Reynolds (1950) did not accept the varieties that have been described. Aloe horrida possibly belong here. Aloe ferox is easily confused with Aloe marlorii, bur the flowers of the later are produced on horizontal branches. This species will also hybridise with any other aloe flowering at the same time and many “Aloe ferox” in cultivation are hybrid.

Cape Aloe Succulent Seeds

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