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Chinese Boxwood Hedge Seeds (Buxus microphylla sinica) 20+Seeds

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Chinese Boxwood One of the best bonsai and hedging plants around. The small leaves combined with its compact growing habit make this tree an ideal bonsai specimen. It takes well to clipping and can be grown in a variety of styles, but is at its best as an informal upright bonsai. Buxus microphylla var sinica, also known as Chinese Boxwood, is an evergreen shrub that is naturally found across China and Japan. It is a fairly small shrub growing to 2m tall. The leaves are bright green, 10–25 mm long, oval with a rounded or notched tip. If not being grown as a bonsai, this plant makes a great shrub for a garden bed, and its dense foliage can be trimmed as topiary or made into a garden hedge. It prefers a fairly moist soil in sun or partial shade.

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