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Chinese Coffin Tree Seeds (Taiwania cryptomerioides) 30+Seeds

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Chinese Coffin Tree (Taiwania cryptomerioides) is a large coniferous tree in the cypress family Cupressaceae, formerly listed in the segregate family Taxodiaceae. It is native to eastern Asia, growing in the mountains of central Taiwan, and locally in southwest China and adjoining Myanmar and northern Vietnam. It is endangered by illegal logging for its valuable wood in many areas. It is very likely that the range was more extensive in the past before extensive felling for the wood.
It is one of the largest tree species in Asia, reported to heights of 80 m tall and with a trunk up to 4 m diameter above buttressed base. The leaves are needle-like or awl-like and 8–15 mm long on young trees up to about 100 years old, then gradually becoming more scale-like, 3–7 mm long, on mature trees. The cones are small, 15–25 mm long, with about 15-30 thin, fragile scales, each scale with two seeds.

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