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Chinese Tulip Tree Seeds (liriodendron chinense) 20+Seeds

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Liriodendron chinense, commonly called Chinese tulip tree, is a fast-growing, columnar tree that typically grows to 50-70’ tall. It is named for its cup-shaped, tulip-like flowers (same family as magnolias) that bloom in late spring to early summer. This tree is very similar to Liriodendron tulipifera (native to eastern North America), except it is denser, slightly smaller, has smaller flowers without orange banding, has more deeply lobed leaves and is not as cold hardy. Cup-shaped flowers (to 1.5” long) are olive green with yellow at the base. Flowers begin blooming in May. Flowers can go unnoticed on large trees because the flowers appear after the leaves are fully developed. Sometimes the flowers are first noticed when the attractive petals begin to fall to the ground. Flowers are followed by dry, scaly, oblong, cone-shaped, brown fruit clusters, each bearing numerous winged seeds. Clusters disintegrate when ripe. Lobed bright green leaves turn golden yellow in fall.

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