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Fiveleaf Akebia Chocolate Vine Seeds (Akebia quinata) 5+Seeds

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Akebia quinata, commonly called fiveleaf akebia, is a deciduous, twining, woody vine that rapidly grows to 20-40’. It produces compound palmate leaves, each with 5 elliptic to oblong-obovate leaflets (1-3” long) which are dark green above and glaucous below. Small chocolate-purple flowers bloom in drooping axillary racemes in spring. Flowers are monoecious, with both staminate (male) and pistillate (female) flowers appearing in the same raceme. Flowers are often hidden by the foliage, but are quite interesting on close inspection and have a pleasant fragrance. Flowers give way to sausage-shaped, violet fruit pods (to 4” long) which split open in fall to reveal small black seeds imbedded in a whitish pulp. The whitish pulp is edible. Native to China, Korea and Japan, but has escaped cultivation and naturalized in parts of the eastern U.S. Sometimes commonly called chocolate vine.

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