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Cluster Bellflower Seeds (Campanula Glomerata Acaulis) 200+Seeds

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Cluster Bellflower (Campanula Glomerata Acaulis) - This smaller variety of Campanula is great for the front of the flower garden and is easily grown from Bellflower seeds. Clustered Bellflower Acaulis has compact foliage and forms a low mound of large green leaves with taller stems. The stems produce clusters of showy violet blue, bell-shaped flowers in early summer. If you are looking for flower seeds for one of the most popular perennial flowers in the home garden, then look no further than this Campanula Glomerata. This variety is perfect for edging the front of the flower border or in a large rock garden. Clustered Bellflower is also well-suited to tubs and mixed containers.

Season: Perennial
USDA Zones: 2 - 7
Height: 8 inches
Bloom Season: Late spring to early fall
Bloom Color: Violet blue
Environment: Full sun to partial shade

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