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Cockscomb Red Flower Seeds (Celosia Cristata Nana Jessica) 30+Seeds

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Cockscomb (Celosia Cristata Nana Jessica Carmine) - Start Celosia seeds to bring these exotic looking annuals to the garden! Celosia Cristata Nana is a dwarf, low-growing crested Celosia that is commonly called Cockscomb. The flower is said to resemble a rooster's comb, and it has interesting wavy crests of fused flower stalks. This carmine color is intense and long lasting. Celosia Cockscomb plants are heat loving, and they perform well in high temperatures as well as high humidity. They can be a perennial in frost-free zones, but in temperate zones they are grown as annuals. Celosia Cristata uses include bedding plants, container plants, and cut flowers. Cockscomb flowers dry and preserve well and are used in dried floral crafts such as wreaths.

  • Season: Annual

    USDA Zones: 3 - 10

    Height: 6 inches

    Bloom Season: Summer through fall

    Bloom Color: Carmine

    Environment: Full sun

    Soil Type: Well drained, pH 5.5 - 6.0

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