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Cockscomb Yellow Flower Seeds (Celosia Cristata Nana Jessica) 30+Seeds

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Cockscomb (Celosia Cristata Nana Jessica Yellow) - If you need a flower to perform in high heat and humidity, start Celosia seeds and enjoy the vibrant yellow of this Celosia Cristata plant. Commonly known as Cockscomb, this Crested Celosia plant features flowers that resemble a rooster's comb. The unique and rather exotic blooms are interesting wavy crests of fused flower stalks. Celosia Cristata Nana is a dwarf variety, so it is ideal for the front of a sunny flower border or in containers. The Celosia flowers are great for drying and they preserve well making an everlasting dried flower.

Cockscomb seeds can be started indoors to get a jump start on the growing season. Celosia roots prefer not to be disturbed, so it's recommended to start the flower seeds in peat pots that can be transplanted right into the ground. Press the flower seeds into the soil and lightly cover. Keep the flower seeds moist. For areas with a long growing season, Celosia seeds can be started directly outdoors in a prepared seedbed. The soil must be 60F or warmer for germination to occur. Use a application of a balanced fertilizer every few weeks during the blooming season

  • Season: Annual
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 10
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Bloom Season: Summer through fall
  • Bloom Color: Yellow
  • Environment: Full sun


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