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Cousin Itt Lobelia Plant Seeds (Lobelia telekii) 15+Seeds

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Lobelia telekii
Giant Lobelia
Albeit totally unrelated, this giant rosette plant is stunningly similar to the Tower of Jewels, Echium wildpretii from the island of Tenerife. It forms a large rosette of narrow, hairy leaves that eventually produces a giant inflorescence to 3 m tall, protected by masses of long, silvery hairy bracts and pollinated by birds. Lobelia telekii is native to the high mountains of tropical eastern Africa and inhabits dry, rocky slopes between an astonishing 3500 and 5000 m elevation on Mount Algon, the Aberdare Range and Mount Kenya. At 5000 m elevation, just 200 m below the summit of Mt. Kenya, the daytime temperatures are frequently below freezing. In cultivation, the giant Lobelia are rare and best suited to high mountain or highly oceanic climates without extremes of heat or cold. While in habitat Lobelia telekii is said to take up to 70 years to reach maturity, in cultivation this is likely to be much shorter.

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