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Desert Carpet Acacia Seeds (Acacia redolens prostrata) 20+Seeds

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Prostrate acacia is a sprawling evergreen shrub with leathery gray-green or blue-green leaves, brownish pod fruits and small yellow puffballs that bloom in early spring. The taller versions of the shrub can grow 2 to 5 feet in height, although dwarf cultivars like "Low Boy" and "Desert Carpet" may attain a uniform growth of around 1 to 2 feet. All cultivars will spread far and wide up to 30 feet, although a more typical width is around 15 feet.
Due to its fast-growing properties and relative low height, prostrate acacia is used as ground cover in landscaping, both along freeways and in backyard gardens. It is particularly good for filling up large spaces of landscape, cascading over walls or mounds and for controlling soil erosion. It does well in beach or desert plantings, and its drought tolerance makes it a suitable plant for xeriscaping. Prostrate acacia is also attractive to various species of birds.

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