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Desert Willow Tree Seeds (Chilopsis linearis) 30+Seeds

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Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis) Tree Gorgeous, trumpet-shaped, sweetly fragrant flowers and is perfect for decorating any yard! Drought-tolerant, hardy tree performs well in Arizona and requires minimal maintenance. Airy foliage casts a light but cooling shade. Handles all of the extreme temperature ranges of desert living Named for its resemblance to willows, the Desert Willow is a popular ornamental tree is actually related to catalpa trees. Its exotic-looking blooms, rapid growth, drought tolerance, and ease of maintenance have made the Desert Willlow a long sought-after plant in the Southwest. Drought-tolerant, the Desert Willow is a hardy tree that performs well in southern Arizona and requires minimal maintenance. Adapted to desert washes, Desert Willows do best with just enough water to keep them blooming and healthily green through the warm months.

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