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Dotted White Hawthorn Tree Seeds (Crataegus punctata) 15+Seeds

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Crataegus punctata is a small, slender-spined, deciduous tree or large shrub that is native to eastern North America. As a tree, it typically grows to 25-30' tall with horizontal branching and a broad-rounded (almost flat-topped) crown. It is sometimes commonly called dotted hawthorn because its red fruits (haws) are speckled with white dots. Stout spines extend to 3" long. Fragrant, five-petaled, white flowers (to 1/2" across) bloom in showy, multi-flowered clusters (corymbs) in spring (May-early June). Flowers are followed by abundant, globular, red fruits (to 3/4" diameter) with conspicuous white dots. Fruits ripen in fall and may persist on the tree into winter, but usually drop to the ground in late fall. Slightly lobed, obovate, dark green leaves (to 3" long) have serrate margins above the middle. Leaves sometimes produce showy red fall color. The fruits of hawthorn trees are sometimes called haws.

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