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Dragon Fruit Cactus Seeds (Hylocereus Undatus) 20+Seeds

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Hylocereus undatus is a sprawling or vining, terrestrial or epiphytic cactus. They climb by use of aerial roots and can reach a height 10 meters or more growing on rocks and trees. They are very variable and closely related to Selenicereus.
Stems: Green 3-winged, from a few cm up to 5 m long (in mature plants), 4 to 7.5 cm margins undulate and horny wide with wings that are 2,5 to 5 cm wide.
Areoles: about 4.5 cm apart.
Spines: 1 to 3(- 5) conical spines up to 1 cm long (but usually about 2-3 mm long).
Flowers: Flowers are ornate, fragrant and beautiful 25-35 cm long by 30 cm across , white with green outer tepals and bracts.
Blooming season: It bloom only at night, and usually the flower last just one night, in tropical climate the plants can have up to 4-6 flowering/fruiting cycles per year. In temperate climate they bloom In late spring to early summer
Fruits: If pollinated the Hylocereus produce edible red fruits with white pulpa up to 12 cm long.

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