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Dragon Spruce Tree Seeds (Picea asperata) 25+Seeds

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The Dragon Spruce is native to western China. The shoots are orange-brown, with scattered pubescence. The cones are cylindric-conic, 6-15 cm long and 2-3 cm broad, maturing pale brown 5-7 months after pollination, and have stiff, rounded to bluntly pointed scales. It is a variable species with several varieties listed. These were mostly first described as distinct species (and are still so treated by some authors), though they differ only in minor details and some may not be distinct if a larger population is examined.
Spruce wood is lightweight, tough and durable.
Dragon Spruce has gray, exfoliating, papery bark, and lacks a ring of scales
at the base of the bud; its cones have round, woody scales.

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