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Dune Aloe Succulent Seeds (Aloe thraskii) 20+Seeds

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Aloe thraskii is an unbranched tree-like succulent, up to 10 feet (3 m) tall, with deeply concave (U-shaped in cross section) pale olive-green leaves that have small reddish-brown marginal teeth and are recurved back to the trunk, sometimes even touching the skirt of old, dried leaves around the trunk. This winter-blooming species has flowers on a well-branched inflorescence that can produce 15 to 25 upright broadly-cylindrical erect racemes with yellow flowers that have orange anthers, giving the flower a bicolored look. Younger plants may only produce a single inflorescences while older ones can produce multiples. Aloe thraskii is closely related to Aloe excelsa and Aloe rupestris but is distinguished from both by its strongly recurved leaves.

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