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Dwarf Umbrella Plant Seeds (Schefflera arboricola) 20+Seeds

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Schefflera arboricola, commonly called umbrella plant or dwarf schefflera, is an evergreen shrub or small tree that grows in tropical climates to 10-25' tall. It is native to Taiwan. In the wild, it sometimes grows on other trees as an epiphyte. It is widely grown in temperate climates as a much smaller ornamental foliage houseplant rising to 3-6' tall on upright stems clad with glossy, slender-stalked, compound, palmate, evergreen leaves. Each leaf has 7-9 obovate-oblong to elliptic leaflets (to 4-6" long) arranged in a circle on leafstalks to 6" long. Tiny red flowers in compound panicles bloom in summer. Flowers are followed by round orange drupes (to 1/4") which mature to black. Indoor plants rarely flower.

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