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Flabby Pincushion Cactus Seeds (Coryphantha macromeris) 20+Seeds

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Coryphantha macromeris (Flabby pincushion). USDA: 8b-12. Full sun to part shade. Heat tolerant. Little water. Hardy to 14°F. Grows to 10' tall; 2' spread. Native to New Mexico, Texas, northeastern Mexico.
This small, rather inconspicuous but locally common cactus is characterized by elongated tubercles that point upwards and have between 2 and 8 differently-angled central spines, brown in color, surrounded by 9 to 15 shorter, white, radial spines, but the green stems are still clearly visible. Coryphantha macromeris prefers shady positions, beneath larger plants or partly covered by grass. Stems are small, not exceeding 6 inches in height, are solitary for several years then start to cluster. The runyonii variety of south Texas has shorter spines and forms large clumps of small stems. Purple flowers bloom in late summer, followed by green fruits.

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