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Gentian Blue Bottle Flower Seeds ( Gentiana andrewsii) 100+Seeds

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Bottle Gentian:These unusual wildflowers, named for their nearly closed tubular blossoms, look like buds about to burst open. In order to pollinate them, bumblebees and other large bees must force their way into the small opening at the top; the unique design of the blossom expands just enough to allow passage. The Gentiana genus was named after King Gentius, an ancient ruler of the kingdom of Illyria who, according to legend, discovered the many medicinal benefits of this family of plants. The species name “andrewsii” honors Dr. Henry C. Andrews (1794-1830), an English botanist and renowned botanical artist.
Bottle Gentian Germination: To break this seed’s dormancy, mix the seed with moist sand and store it in the refrigerator for 60 days before planting. Scatter the seed on the surface of the soil, then press it in lightly. Keep the soil moist, but water carefully to avoid disturbing the seed. Germination may be slow. Transplant two seedlings each in individual pots, handling carefully to prevent breaking the hair-like roots.

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