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Gentian Blue Nikita (Gentiana Dahurica Nikita) 50+Seeds

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Gentian Blue Nikita (Gentiana Dahurica Nikita) - Gentian seeds produce a medicinal herb that is used in Chinese medicine for stomach conditions. The Gentian root is harvested in the late summer and is used to make a tonic called Xiao Qin Jiao. This herb plant is commonly called Blue Gentian, Common Gentian or Dahurian Gentian. Blue Gentian Nikita has a more sprawling nature than other Gentian herb plants. Gentiana Dahurica flowers are intense blue whorls and can be grown in containers or in the herb garden. Blue Gentian Nikita is also well-suited to rock and alpine gardens.

Season: Perennial
USDA Zones: 3 - 7
Height: 10 inches
Bloom Season: Early to mid summer
Bloom Color: Blue
Environment: Full sun in cooler summers to partial shade in warmer climates


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