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Giant Silver Dollar Cactus Seeds (Opuntia Robusta) 25+Seeds

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Opuntia robusta, popularly known as the 'wheel cactus' in reference the circular shape of the segments, is a much branched, often erect, succulent shrub or small tree, sometimes 4-6 meters high, but commonly 1 to 2 m, with more or less distinct trunks. The branch segments (also known as joints, pads, articles or cladodes), are commonly thought of as leaves but are really flattened stems and are.armed with tufts of numerous barbed bristles (glochids) and commonly spineless of with 1 to 5 sharp spines to 4 cm long arising from each areole. Both plants with male flowers, plants with female blossoms and plants with hermaphrodite flowers can be found in Opuntia robusta. The fruits, which may be red, orange, yellow or green, are produced in profusion, possess thick peel (with sharp glochids) and juicy pulp containing numerous seeds; they are edible but best for animal feeding.

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