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Gibraltar Candytuft Groundcover Seeds (Iberis Gibraltarica) 50+Seeds

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Gibraltar Candytuft (Iberis Gibraltarica) - For this evergreen Candytuft, start Iberis Gibraltarica seeds and add this lovely ground cover to your garden. This type of perennial Candytuft is a flowering plant of the genus Iberis and the family Brassicaceae. Iberis Gibraltarica Candytuft is an evergreen that spreads, and it produces clusters of small, lilac or pink-flushed flowers in late spring and early summer. It is attractive to bees and butterflies, yet it is deer resistant. It is the symbol of the Upper Rock nature reserve in Gibraltar, but is actually a native of North Africa. Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where it is found growing in the wild often as a ground cover plant. This perennial Candytuft grows from crevices in the limestone, and is often seen growing in abundance from the north face of the Rock of Gibraltar. Its flowers range from lilac to almost white, and can reach up to 8 - 12 inches in height.

Season: Perennial
USDA Zones: 5 - 9
Height: 8 - 12 inches
Bloom Season: Spring and summer
Bloom Color: Lilac
Environment: Full sun to partial shade

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