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Golden Barrel Cactus Seeds (Echinocactus grusonii) 25+Seeds

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Golden Barrel Echinocactus grusonii has usually a single slowly growing globe-shaped stem that became elongated (barrel-shaped) in maturity, up to 90 cm (180 cm) in height and spread. It may offset with advanced age and a few multiples occur even at small sizes.
Stem: Pale green and heavily ribbed.
Ribs: With very numerous areoles.
Radial spines: Yellow spines.
Flowers: Flower are diurnal, vivid yellow (4-5 cm wide) and form a circular ring at the top of the plant, but are not very visible being small in relation with the size of the barrel, and lost into the creamy coloured wool at the plant apex.
Blooming season: The flowers are produced from end of spring to summer only on larger mature specimens receiving enough full sun.

Golden Barrel Cactus Seeds

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