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Hedgehog Cactus mix Seeds (Echinocereus Mix) 20+Seeds

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HedgeHog Cactus Mix - Not without justification has this very fine Cactus (or more accurately, group of Cacti) earned its English name – the very attractive, star-like spines that entirely cover the cylindrical body come in many different shades from white through pink to red, the colours changing in bands giving the plant a brilliant and striking appearance. Not only that, but the flowers, at up to 3ins and more across in various shades of pink and purple, are pretty spectacular as well. The species is very variable and we offer a mixture of varieties. 6ins (15cm)

A genus of Cacti grown for their large, spectacular, brightly coloured flowers. Stems vary from globular to cylindrical; columnar or clump forming; erect or sprawling.

Hedgehog Cactus mix


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