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Higan Flowering Cherry Tree Seeds (Prunus subhirtella) 10+Seeds

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Prunus subhirtella, commonly called Higan cherry, is a medium sized deciduous tree growing to 40-50’ tall. It is a naturally occurring hybrid, which the Royal Horticultural Society lists as Prunus x subhirtella, from Japan that generally features non-fragrant pale pink to white flowers in spring, pea-sized blackish fruits in late summer and ovate to lanceolate green leaves (to 3” long). This hybrid is rarely sold in commerce, however. What is commonly sold in commerce under the name of Higan cherry are several cultivars that grow 20-30’ tall, the most common of which is ‘Autumnalis Rosea, which produces double pink flowers in spring with a sparse additional fall bloom. Several different selections are also commonly sold under the name of ‘Pendula’ or var. pendula, which is a weeping form that features single or double white to pink flowers in spring.

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