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Ice Plant Stardust (Delosperma Floribunda) 30+Seeds

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Ice Plant (Delosperma Floribunda Stardust) - Start Ice Plant seeds and grow this terrific Purple Ice Plant ground cover that really covers hot, dry ground quickly and beautifully! Delosperma Purple Ice Plant is a fast-growing ground cover which vigorously spreads its succulent olive green foliage and 2 inch bright purple blooms to beautify your landscape. The blooms act as a magnet for butterflies and have a long bloom time, late spring right into fall.

Just 6 inches high and spreading up to a foot wide, 'Stardust' Ice Plant is a great choice for containers as well as the garden. It will spill over the sides of flowerpots and baskets, trailing purple blooms will abound! Plant in the garden where it makes a ground covering carpet beneath bulbs, meanders around shrubs and perennials nicely, and generally fills in space wherever it's needed.

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