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Ironwood Hophornbeam Tree Seeds (Ostrya virginiana) 30+Seeds

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Ostrya virginiana ( American Hophornbeam ), is a species of Ostrya native to eastern North America , from Nova Scotia west to southern Manitoba and eastern Wyoming , southeast to northern Florida and southwest to eastern Texas and northeastern Mexico . Other names include eastern hophornbeam, hardhack (in New England), ironwood, and leverwood.Dark green leaves, yellow in fall; crown may be less symmetrical than O. carpinifolia, but a graceful tree nonetheless; slow-growing; bark gray brown, in narrow strips; yields a very hard wood; sometimes used as a street and ornamental tree; hoplike fruit clusters; native to eastern U.S.Wood - close-grained, very hard, very strong, durable. It weighs 51lb per cubic foot. The wood is of a very high quality but the tree is not large enough to be used commercially. It is used locally for posts, mallets, tool handles and applications where resistance to wear is essential. A very good fuel, though it is almost impossible to split.

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