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Jacobs Ladder White Flower Seeds (Polemonium Caeruleum White) 50+Seeds

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Jacobs Ladder White - This perennial is a cottage garden favorite grown from Polemonium seeds. It is also known as white Jacob's Ladder, and it is a hardy herb that was used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It is a very attractive plant for a border or bed with moist but well-drained soil. The leaves give the plant its name as they are divided like ladder rungs, and the blooms are cup-shaped and white. White Jacob's Ladder plants are native to Europe growing in damp grasslands, woodlands, meadows and rocky areas. Polemonium Caeruleum Jacob's Ladder usually reaches a height of 28 inches, but occasionally will grow taller. Many people believe the Jacob's Ladder herb can be used as a remedy for several common health ailments, and the herb seeds are grown for medicinal use.

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