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Japanese Red Pine Tree Seeds (Pinus densiflora) 25+Seeds

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Japanese red pine, is perhaps the most common tree growing in Japan. It will soar to 100’ in the wild, but in cultivation is more likely to top out at 40-60’ tall. In its early years, this is a medium growing pine (to 12” per year). It is noted for its irregular but frequently graceful form and its orange-red bark. Often multi-trunked at the base, this tree features a broad-rounded shape, horizontally spreading branching and a somewhat flattened mature crown. Trunks often lean. Bark matures to gray-fissured at the base. Bright green needles (to 3-5” long) appear in bundles of two. Oval to oblong cones (to 2” long) are often plentiful. Common name is in reference to the attractive orange-red bark that exfoliates with age. Needles may yellow in winter.

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