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Kinnikinick Bearberry Seeds (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) 30+Seeds

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Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, known by a large number of common names including common bearberry and kinninnick, is an extremely winter hardy, creeping, slow-growing, prostrate, woody evergreen shrub that typically grows to 6-12” tall but spreads over time by flexible branching (roots at the nodes) to 3-6’ wide or more. This is a circumpolar ground-hugger which is native throughout the northern parts of North America, Europe and Asia. In North America, it is typically found in a variety of locations from Alaska to Newfoundland south through Canada to Virginia, Illinois, South Dakota, New Mexico and central California in a variety of habitats typically including gravelly and/or sandy exposed sites, dry/rocky slopes/outcrops, forest margins and forest clearings. It is primarily confined to cool alpine regions in the more southern parts of its growing range (Appalachians in Virginia, Rockies in New Mexico and Sierras in California).

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