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Korean Early Lilac Bush Seeds (Syringa oblata) 20+Seeds

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Syringa oblata, commonly called early lilac or broadleaf lilac, is a spreading, multi-trunked, deciduous shrub with arching branches which typically grows 8-12’ tall. It is native to China where it is typically found in woods, thickets, streambanks and along roads.

Dense broad panicles (to 2-5” long) of very fragrant pinkish-lilac flowers (each floret to ½” long) bloom April-May. This species blooms earlier than most lilacs (about 10 days before Syringa vulgaris), hence the common name of early lilac. Flowers are followed by brown dehiscent capsules which persist on the shrub. Opposite, simple, ovate to reniform leaves (to 2-4" long) with acuminate tips and cordate bases emerge in spring with a hint of bronze, mature to dark green/blue green in summer, and finally develop purple-red tinting in fall. Early lilac is the only species of lilac to develop appreciable fall color.

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