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Korean Ginseng Plant Seeds (Panax Ginseng) 15+Seeds

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The panax ginseng plant grows best in the cooler regions of the Northern Hemisphere and reaches a height of about one foot.
The ginseng plant has yellowish-green umbrella-shaped flowers that grow in a circle around a straight stem, with its five leaflets joined together at one point, it blooms in midsummer.
The fruit is a bright crimson berry containing one to three wrinkled seeds the size of small peas.
The medicinal properties of panax ginseng are found in both the leaf and its light tan, gnarled root; sometimes resembling a human body, with stringy shoots that look like arms and legs, hence the whole herb is referred to as a “hand”.
Wrinkles around the neck of the root tell how old the plant is; when the root is mature it is 2-4 inches long, 1 inch thick resembling a spindle. The roots of the plants become forked when they mature after 5-7 years.

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