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Ladyfinger Cactus seeds (Mammillaria Elongata) 20+Seeds

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Ladyfinger Cactus Mammillaria elongata is a succulent ground cover, forming with time a tight clumps of erect, ascending, prostrate or recumbent stems. This may be the most common Mammillaria to be found and occurs in more variations than any other Mammillaria species. It commonly comes in many colour and spine variations.
Stems: Elongated cylindrical, finger-like, 1 - 3 cm in diameter 3-10 cm long.
Roots: Fibrous.
Tubercle: Tubercles slender conical arranged in perfect spiral in a few rows. The axil is naked or nearly so.
Areoles: Pubescent when young.
Radial spines: 14 - 25 interlocking, arranged as a star, variable in number, white to golden yellow to brown, the degree of brown colouring varying from plant to plant, slender, needle-like, more or less recurved 4 - 12 mm long.
Central spines: Usually absent, sometimes 2, yellow to brownish, with dark tips, 10 - 15 mm long.
Flower: Small bell shaped to 10 mm long and in diameter at the upper part of the plant. Perianth segments about 12, rather broad, obtuse or sometimes apiculate. whitish, pale yellow or pinkish, sometimes flushed pink or with pink midstripes.

Ladyfinger Cactus

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