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Lady's Mantle Flower Seeds (Achemilla Mollis) 50+Seeds

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  • Lady's Mantle (Achemilla Mollis) - Grown from Lady's Mantle seeds, this popular flower is perfect for the garden. With its olive colored, crimped velvety leaves which cup to capture the dew and rain and its frothy sprays of yellow clusters, it is certainly appealing to the eye. The Achemilla Mollis plant is bushy and makes an excellent border or edging plant. The Lady's Mantle flowers are excellent for cutting, and the yellow blooms work in nicely in flower arrangements

    Season: Perennial
    USDA Zones: 3 - 8
    Height: 20 inches
    Bloom Season: Early to mid summer
    Bloom Color: Yellow
    Environment: Full sun to partial shade

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