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Larkspur Rocket Mix Flower Seeds (Delphinium Consolida) 50+Seeds

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Larkspur (Delphinium Consolida Rocket) - Larkspur Rocket is an annual flower grown from wildflower seed. It normally grows between 24 - 36 inches tall depending on soil fertility and moisture. It usually has 2 - 3 forking stems which are branched. The leaves alternate and are 3 inches across, and they have a lacy appearance. The lovely 1 inch blooms come in a mix of colors: white, lilac, and pink. What a spectacular color display for the wild flower meadow, and they are so easy to establish from Larkspur wildflower seed.

Rocket Larkspur Delphinium blooms during the summer and lasts about 1 - 2 months. Each flower is replaced by a pod containing numerous small black wild flower seeds, and they are easily dispersed by gusts of wind. Larkspur, like many wild flowers, can re-seed itself if wild flower seed is allowed to drop on the ground. Seed will lay dormant until temperatures and moisture are sufficient to cause germination.

  • Season: Annual

    USDA Zones: 3 - 9

    Height: 36 inches

    Bloom Season: Summer through fall

    Bloom Color: Mix

    Environment: Full sun to partial shade

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